Angelo Spagnolo elaborates the limitless beauty of nature through an abstract geometry and a work of chromatic research that plays with the superimposition of different types of enamel and oxide paints. The tiles of the Petali Collection takes inspiration from the pentagon but renders it delicate through soft angles and a curved surface.
The uniqueness of these tiles lies in their wet printing process, which creates a captivating three-dimensional effect. This technique imparts an organic and vibrant sensation to the tiles, capturing the essence of nature and conveying an endless beauty.

Easily combinable with each other, the tiles offer endless creative possibilities and are available in both small and large formats, allowing for the creation of a decorative surface rich in reflections. Different mixtures can be used depending on their intended decorative or functional use.

The glazing of the tiles is always done using an airbrushing technique, employing a double-pass method that allows for blending two different colors, requiring great manual precision. This artisanal process imparts the tiles with a unique quality and an appearance of refined elegance.


Angelo Spagnolo